About us


About Us

Commenced Trading in 1991 in Dimboola with only a small line of products and selling mostly by mail order working on a part time basis slowly expanding the range. Later becoming a full time operation.

In November 1995 relocated to larger premises in Dimboola with more Office space. At the same time due to problems obtaining some items from the US and finding some items not suitable for the Australian market the manufacturing side of the business developed further.

In June 2000 the business relocated to bigger premises in Castlemaine with room for developing new products and for further possible expansion in the future.

New Show Room opened in 2013.

In 2020 the new challenge with business was COVID as this delayed suppliers with stock in and my products getting out to customers. At the same time a data breech on the H.A.M.B. led to identity theft and issues with the H.A.M.B., Garage Journal and Ford Barn. Some one was using my business name to sell inferior Chinese made product via social media sites. This also led to my business being listed as fraudulent on the H.A.M.B. and on Reverse Australia web site. An interesting article on this data breach was posted on the FordSix.com web site by the Administration of that forum listing many other sites that information had been used on. I have also been listed on a Chinese web site as a seller of Street & Road Lighting and given there is no translation for Street Rod or Hot Rod into Chinese all of this has become an annoying bump in the road. I have run this business since 1991 and have always looked for quality products to sell (none made in China) and if I would not use it myself then I would not have it for sale for a Customer. Quality is Remembered, Long after the Price is Forgotten.

Who are we dealers for?

So There Speed Shop - Lights and Switches etc.
Never Rust Exhaust - Mufflers tips grommets etc.

What do we stock / manufacture?

Vehicle I.D. Plates – Rod/Custom style,
Aus-E-Brake kits - to suit Ford 8" & 9" differentials.
Auto Shift - T/Bar adapters for C4 type shifters.
Radio/Stereo/Tape/CD mounting cradle-mounts new style systems under the dash of older style cars, Street Rods etc.
Hot Rod - Hiboy Style headlight posts and conduit.
Windshield posts - T Roadster/Bucket angle style.

Need more information? Don't see it listed here? Then contact us for a more detailed and up to date price list or for further information and if you do not see it listed it doesn't mean we can not get it.

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4 Dawson Street, Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia 3450
Phone (03) 5472 3970  Fax (03) 5472 5105
International 613 5472 3970 Fax 613 5472 5105