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Need a Heater Demister to pass that Vehicle for Registration ? Need to keep the better half happy in a cold car ? Looking for something compact that will not de-value the car or something that will save you fitting the conventional water based type heater ?

You can even move it from one car to another. We have just the answer with these compact fan heaters and have a couple of different styles to choose from. They are 12 Volt 150 Watt, have a 1.5 metre power cord and cigarette power plug mounted on a swivel base. They are compact enough to hide under the dash or sit up on the rear parcel shelf. Suitable for use in Hot Rods, Classics or Restorations.

Trade enquiries invited to bulk buy heaters.


Heater and Duct Duct Duct

We also have the ducts to suit the Heaters so if you need you can fit them up to blow onto the windscreen as a demister. These ducts are supplied in bare metal and in two parts ready for you to assemble. The duct is designed so the tubing is held in place when you assemble them. The above photos illustrate as to how they look when assembled and the bare metal photo of the duct is how the duct is supplied in kit form.

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