1939 Ford Teardrop Tail Lamp LED.
Stop and tail lamps in LED, just plug into the original stop tail globe holder socket. These connect to the original Ford base and screw into place of the original lense. Each unit has 39 LED's. If you wish to use them for something else they will bolt onto any flat base or surface, removing the plug if required. Available in pairs.


1948 Chevrolet Tail Lamp LED.
These fit up the same as the 1939 Ford Teardrops and are the same LED with the same globe plug on the back they replace the standard 1948 globe and lense. Available in pairs.

The big LED Tail light brake Light.
Measures 450mm long. 40mm wide. 30mm tall. has 23 LED's Suitable to mount in pairs or to use as a third brake light.

This Photo is just to give you a idea as to the size of the lights we have available.
The Big LED is shown along with the Chevrolet Lights as well as the Number plate light and the LED Indicators.

Bolt on indicator light has three directional LED's. 50mm long. 25mm wide. From bolt to top of light 40mm.

stereobox1.jpg (9926 bytes)
Indicator or Clearance light. Bolt on flat base and fit in LED lense with wire loom pin to fit on the back.
35mm wide. 70mm long. 30mm tall.

This Photo is just another to give you a idea as to the size of the lights we have available.
Number plate light, the LED Indicators or clearance lights.

Compact Number Plate Lights.
Three Super Bright LED's are contained in these compact little lights.
50 Cent coin to give you an idea of the size. Suit 12 volt application,
fully sealed and have SAE DOT information on them as well.

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